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The current version of NagishLi is 2.3 was released on 05.09.2019 and has been downloaded times.
To learn how to install and configure NagishLi, check the installation page. To see what's changed in this version, check the changelog.

  • I know that an accessibilty plugin offers more accessibility to users, but not necessarily make my website fully accessible
  • Localize* won't be held responsible for any damage that will be caused by using this plugin
  • Redistribution is allowed and recommended, as long as the plugin is not modified in any way
  • All of the credits and information about the developer must stay intact (depending on your license)
  • Localize* is allowed to change the license and pricing any time
  • In case of ANY modification of the NagishLi plugin without explicit permission, Localize* will be allowed to take legal actions against those responsible and/or website owners

Download (version 2.3)Latest Revision: 05.09.2019, 16:52

Download (version 3.0 Beta)


Use of up-to-date browser - Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer 11 and up, Firefox or Opera.

About this version

This version contains varius fixes, important changes and new features - upgrading is highly recommended.

How to upgrade

Remove all NagishLi's files from your server and upload the new ones.
If you're using version number in your installation code, change it according to the version you're using.

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