Privacy Policy

NagishLi's website Privacy Policy

A lot of efforts were put in NagishLi to keep user's privacy while browsing this website. This website owner encourages transparecy, and decided to state the following about how users privacy is handled on this website.

1. Data collecting

We gather technical information about you when you browse our website. This information is used primarily for our website features (like filtering and managing a favorite channels list) and statistics like the browser you are using and from which country you are browsing our website. The information we collect is completely technical and not identifying - details such as your name, your physical address and/or your phone number are not collected by us.

2. Data usage

Every type information we collect might be used for:

  • Allowing you to enjoy the most of our website features
  • Display marketing content from time to time, in a way that does not interfere with your browsing experience
  • Improving our website from time to time

3. Third party services

As mentioned in section 1, the information we're collecting is not about your personal identity. Also, there are third party services that are used on this website - and aren't directly related to it. We made the maximum effort protecting your privacy while using those services, but if you're highly concerned about your privacy, it is recommended to check the privacy policy of those services as well:

4. Sharing information with third party companies

We do not sell, trade or share in any way the information that is being collected by this website to any third party entity. This does not include certified third party companies that enables us to keep our website operating and running or dealing with our business affairs, as long as those companies are comitted to keep this information secret and safe. We believe that in certain cases, sharing this information is necessary in order to investigate, prevent or act regarding legal issues, attempts to damage this website operations, situations involving possible threats regardings any person's saftey and well-being, violations of our terms of service, or as required by law.

5. Cookie and Browser storage usage

A cookie is a file that usually contains some technical information about the software and hardware used to browse a website, such as operating system, IP address, screen resolution etc. NagishLi uses your browser and cookie storage in a way that is not revealing or identifying personal details about the user. By visiting and browsing this website, you are agreeing to this usage.

6. Information security

Your browsing saftey is important to us, so we use a security certificate that provides another extra layer of security that protects your identity while browsing our website. In general, we recommend NOT to share ANY identifying information with any person you do not know.

7. Consent

While browsing are website, you are agreeing to our privacy policy.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 17.01.2020.