NagishLi - Free accessibility plugin

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  • Conformance up to accessibilty level AA
  • No dependency on any company
  • No need to alter the current source code of your website
  • Does not refresh your website pages (saves resources)
  • The accessibility settings are saved and detected automatically
  • Easy to install & use
  • Option to set a link to your website accessibility info page
  • Option to set the plugin to a language of your choice (English or Hebrew; defaults to Hebrew)
  • Option to choose the location where the plugin will appear (can be in any of the 4 corners, defaults to top left)
  • Option to choose the color of the plugin to match your main website color
  • Free to use for any website owner


  • Ability to adjust text size
  • Ability to adjust page colors (color blind/visually impaired/blue filter for warm & cold colors/customizeable colors)
  • Display text or images on the page
  • Highlight links or titles
  • Zoom in/out - still needs some improvement
  • Change font into a more readable one
  • Turn page animations on/off
  • Audio reading of phone numbers
  • Change cursor (black/white)
  • Keyboard navigation - still needs some improvement


Use of jQuery v1.8 or newer.
Use of up-to-date browser - Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer 11 and up, Firefox or Opera.

 Frequently Asked Questions

A: Since the accessibility subject got more attention, free accessibility plugins were offered mostly to WordPress users. Other scripts and website owners were pretty much "left out". Making a website accessible is a complicated and relatively long process (or at least that's how people describe it). Localize* also needed a plugin for its own websites, and if you need to manage a few websites, the time and cost of making them accessible can be expensive.
A: There's actually a good chance that Safari IS supported, but unfortunately it was not possible to check the plugin on the latest Safari version while working on the plugin - this matter will be looked into as soon as possible.
A: From tests made on an old browser on Android phone (Galaxy S4 Mini), all of the features were working properly - but there's no guarantee that they'll work on other devices/versions. You'll have to check and see for yourself.
A: jQuery is one of the most popular and top used JavaScript library. Plenty of websites already use it, and it's relatively easy to work with. If jQuery cannot be found on your website pages, the plugin will automatically embed the minimum required jQuery version for it to function properly (in order to save important page load times).
A: No, but you're more than welcome to contact us if you're interested on translating NagishLi to other languages (like Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish etc)

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 Restrictions & Terms of Use

  • Localize* won't be held responsible for any damage that will be caused by using this plugin
  • Redistribution is allowed and recommended, as long as the plugin is not modified in any way
  • All of the credits and information about the developer must stay intact (depending on your license)
  • In case of ANY modification of the NagishLi plugin without explicit permission from Localize*, Localize* will be allowed to take legal actions against those responsible and/or website owners

  Download and Install

Click here to download NagishLi v2.2.2 ( downloads from 24.02.2019, latest revision: 25.02.2019, 19:47)
Installation requires basic knowledge of embedding JavaScript code. Place the code as close to the ‎</body>‎ tag as possible, and adjust the settings as you wish.
If NagishLi has already been added to your website and you want to use a newer version, just replace and overwrite your current NagishLi files with the newer ones. Notice that as of NagishLi v2.1.1 you must also upload the 'nl-files' folder to your web server.
More info about how to install and NagishLi settings can be found on this page.

// Plugin language (Hebrew - Default: he, English: en)
nl_lang = "he";
// Plugin position (Top left - Default: tl, Bottom left: bl, Top right: tr, Bottom right: br)
nl_pos = "tl";
// Plugin info page (direct link to your accessibility info page on your website)
nl_link = "0";
// Plugin color (to match your website main color out of 10 colors available)
nl_color = "blue";
// Plugin bar layout (as a bar or as a button)
nl_compact = "0";
// Plugin menus layout (open one menu at a time)
nl_accordion = "0";
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="path/to/nagishli.js" defer></script>