Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about NagishLi and Web Accessibility

תשובה:When talking about accessibility plugins for websites, it typically means a plugin that's inserted as part of your website code, making it more accessible without having to change significant parts of your website. Also, when possible - an accessibility plugin usually corrects or improves upon your existing website accessibility features.

An accessibility plugin can be very useful for website owners that are not required to make their website accessible by law but it's still important enough for them to offer an accessibility features to their visitors.
תשובה:NagishLi is always being improved to check the possibilty of enabling websites to get to level AA, but at the moment it will help your website getting an A level so you might need to make adjustments to make your website more accessible.
תשובה:Since the accessibility subject got more attention, free accessibility plugins were offered mostly to WordPress users. Other scripts and website owners were pretty much "left out". Making a website accessible is a complicated and relatively long process (or at least that's how people describe it). Localize* also needed a plugin for its own websites, and if you need to manage a few websites, the time and cost of making them accessible can be expensive.
תשובה:There's actually a good chance that Safari IS supported, but unfortunately it was not possible to check the plugin on the latest Safari version while working on the plugin - this matter will be looked into as soon as possible.
תשובה:From tests made on an old browser on Android phone (Galaxy S4 Mini), all of the features were working properly - but there's no guarantee that they'll work on other devices/versions. You'll have to check and see for yourself.
תשובה:jQuery is one of the most popular and top used JavaScript library. Plenty of websites already use it, and it's relatively easy to work with. If jQuery cannot be found on your website pages, the plugin will automatically embed the minimum required jQuery version for it to function properly (in order to save important page load times).
תשובה:No, but you're more than welcome to contact us if you're interested on translating NagishLi to other languages.
תשובה:As of version 2.1.1 the plugin images and other additional required files are found inside the folder nl-files, you must upload that folder also to your server along with the plugin.