NagishLi's list of changes

  • NagishLi v2.3

    Downloads, Released: 05.09.2019
    Removed Last updated date of the built-in accessibility statement has been removed
    Improved Keyboard navigation improved (now starts from the current position)
    Improved Default text for audio and video tags
    Improved Important improvements for audio reader users
    Improved Updates and improvements to the install page and documentation
    Improved Now it is possible to do a checksum check directly from the Checksum page
    Fixed Audio reading inside tel:// links now doesn't activate them
    Fixed Keyboard navigation didn't work properly with the custom colors options
    Fixed Various fixes and small visual improvements
    New Heading roles are added automatically to <h1>-<h6> tags
    New Black color for the plugin
    New Keyboard shortcuts
    New Bright colors option
    New Quick navigation (Skiplinks)
    New The setting nl_contact

  • NagishLi v2.2.2

    Downloads, Released: 24.02.2019
    Improved Loading time improved
    Improved Use of PNG Sprite to save resources and loading times of images
    Improved Some ARIA labels improvements
    Improved Audio reading improved and the sound files added to the release
    Improved Files inside 'nl-files' re-organized
    Improved Custom text color feature improved
    Fixed Audio reading bug fix (Thanks Shachar Eilenberg )
    Fixed Visualization bug fix
    Fixed Scrolling with up and down keyboard keys closed the plugin modals (accessibility statement, about this website accessibility)
    New Newsletter
    New Installation code generator was added to NagishLi's main download file (will be added also to the website later)
    New Native scrollbars styling
    New Starting from this version, a Checksum will be added to each release

  • NagishLi v2.2.1

    Downloads, Released: 21.10.2018
    Fixed Bootstrap css issue
    Removed Angular JS issues with an external scrollbar library - switched to native browser scrollbar
    Improved Built-in windows (the built-in accessibility statement and the about window) are now wider (temporary fix)

  • NagishLi v2.2

    Downloads, Released: 12.12.2017
    Improved Various maintenance improvements
    Improved Firefox browser logo updated to the latest version
    Improved Colors display feature was improved
    Improved Improvements for mobile (automatic accordion mode)
    Fixed Audio reading of phone numbers omitted one digit on some cases (sorry!)
    Fixed The help option was hidden on some cases
    New The setting nl_compact
    New The setting nl_accordion

  • NagishLi v2.1.1

    Downloads, Released: 1.10.2017
    Improved Various maintenance improvements
    Improved Change cursor feature was improved
    Improved Custom colors feature was improved
    Improved Audio reading icon was replaced
    Improved Slight changes (and additions) to the English and Hebrew phrases
    Fixed Keyboard navigation feature did not work for help notices
    Fixed Reset choice of troublesome settings was not saved properly
    Fixed The setting nl_link wasn't working properly with Single-page websites
    New Internet Explorer 11 is now supported
    New The setting nl_dir

  • NagishLi v2.1

    Downloads, Released: 4.7.2017
    Removed Website search was removed due to Google's change of policy
    Improved Automatic detection of malicious settings added back to this version
    Improved Zoom feature was improved
    Fixed Characters are replaced by Emojis on some cases
    New Plugin color settings
    New Use of ARIA labels (partial support at the moment)
    New Custom colors feature
    New Audio reading of phone numbers
    New Change cursor feature
    New Keyboard navigation feature
    New The setting nl_lic

  • NagishLi v2.0.1

    Downloads, Released: 15.12.2016
    Improved Text size feature didn't work properly on some websites
    Improved Some text in the plugin was replaced with images
    Fixed The new design didn't work with Bootstrap
    New A new domain and website

  • NagishLi v2.0

    Downloads, Released: 29.9.2016
    Removed Automatic detection of malicious settings (removed temporarily, will be implemented again at a later version)
    Improved Improved highlighting of links and titles
    Fixed Some of alt text for images was not shown properly
    New License
    New New design
    New Change plugin position (and save the setting)
    New Help
    New Website search (powered by Google)
    New Blue light/Living colors

  • NagishLi v1.2.1

    Downloads, Released: 16.5.2016
    Improved Maintenance release - some unnecessary code removed and bugs fixed

  • NagishLi v1.2

    Downloads, Released: 8.3.2016
    Improved Zoom feature was improved
    Fixed Some alt language phrases were not shown properly
    Fixed Text only display was not supposed to be disabled when images only display is active and vice versa
    Fixed Constant menu font
    Fixed Zoom now affects <iframe>
    New Colors
    New The accessibility settings are automatically saved and applied while browsing (or refreshing) pages
    New Reset button for the accessibility settings
    New Automatic detection of malicious settings

  • NagishLi v1.1

    Downloads, Released: 14.2.2016
    Improved Improved plugin images (mostly for directionality and availability)
    Improved YouTube and audio & video tags is now stopped when using images or text display
    New If jQuery can't be found, it'll be added automatically
    New The plugin is automatically hidden for old browsers (who can't meet its requirements)
    New The plugin was tested and found working on the latest Opera browser
    New A few notifications for developers were added (shown by the browser's Developer Tools, usually after hitting the F12 key)
    Fixed The plugin is now shown on mobile devices (there will be an option to choose if to turn the plugin off for mobile in future versions)
    Fixed The plugin now adjusts its position when using zoom

  • NagishLi v1.0

    Downloads, Released: 2.2.2016
    Initial release.

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