The story of NagishLi


NagishLi was developed in order to make every possible website more accessible to people with disabilities. At some point, Localize* needed an accessibility plugin for its websites - but at that time almost all accessibility plugins were designed for WordPress-powered websites, offered at a monthly cost, hosted on an external company website with control panel, too slow, required changing the website source code...

Having to face these problems, Localize* has set these principles for NagishLi:

  • FREE
  • Everything in a single file (if possible)
  • Simple installation
  • Will work on websites who are not using website systems like WordPress
  • Don't need to take too much care of settings or using a control panel - disable what you don't want
  • Speed and effective
  • Constant improvement regarding stability, fixes, updates, features and ideas

After deciding, the first version of NagishLi was released on February 2016 and evolved with time. Localize* uses its own product and improves it to make it useful to as many websites as possible, so NagishLi is always being worked on.


Localize* (founded 2012) areas of expertise include:

  • Translation and Web Localization
  • Content Management
  • Computer Use Teaching
  • Website Management & Maintenance

Localize* believes in giving an added value to its customers in a simple and efficient way. Every website and product Localize* is responsible for is managed and maintained keeping its core principles and usabilty in mind.


Ofir Levy
Erick Mav
Mattar Ariel Shaked
Geffen Malki
Lior Barak
Johnny Bar
Gil Sasson
Alon Pini
Logo credits: http://www.anatom5.de and http://www.natko.de .